Surgery, Anesthesia, Dentistry


Dr Jones is able to perform a wide range of soft tissue surgical procedures. We take every precaution with your animal and stress the importance of adequate tissue perfusion and blood pressure regulation during surgery. Pre-operative pain medications, IV fluids, ECG, pulse oximetry, and blood pressure monitoring are not viewed as an option during surgery; they are included in our standard of care.

Surgical services and facilities include:

  • Fully trained veterinary and technical staff to ensure the safest, most efficient state-of-the-art procedures for your pet
  • ECG and oxygen saturation monitors
  • Full pre-anesthetic blood testing and intensive after-surgery care
  • All general level surgeries (spays, neuters, mass removals, dentistry) as well as advanced procedures.


We provide full scale dental services including digital dental radiography (x-ray), dental nerve blocks for pain management, and all dentistry is performed under general anesthesia with appropriate montioring as mentioned above for general surgery.