Diagnostic Ultrasound Images


The patient had a mucocele of the gall bladder found on ultrasound (sonogram) examination. This is a condition where the gall bladder has hardened and is in risk of rupturing. A ruptured gall bladder could be a life-threatening event. Dr. Jones surgically removed the gall bladder and the patient recovered fully.

Post-operative picture of gall bladder after removal. Biopsy confirmed that it was a mucocele and surgery was life saving.

Splenic Tumor

The patient had a large tumor of the spleen found on ultrasound (sonogram) examination.

Large tumor on the spleen (bottom of picture). The spleen was removed, and thankfully the biopsy of the spleen was benign. The patient had a full recovery and is doing great. Even though the tumor was benign, the surgery was still life saving as it prevented future rupture of the mass and internal bleeding of the patient.


The uterus was large and distended with pus (purulent exudate). This was found on ultrasound (sonogram) examination. Due to the risk of rupture of the uterus and infection "spilling" into the abdomen, removal of the infected uterus is a surgical emergency.

Post-operative picture of the removed uterus and infected pus (purulent exudate) after we purposely incised the uterus for teaching purposes after it was removed.

Pericardial Effusion

This patient had a large amount of fluid build-up in the space between the heart and pericardial sac. This was caused by a bleeding tumor in the right atrium. The patient suffered from a sudden loss of ability to fill the heart with blood and consequently pump an adequate amount of blood into the body (including brain, muscles, abdominal organs, etc.).

Ultrasound image showing a tumor of right atrium of the heart.

This is an ultrasound image after the fluid in the pericardial sac was drained. Draining the fluid helps restore cardiac output (the ability of the heart to fill and consequently pump enough blood into the rest of the body).

Stomach Tumor

This patient had a large stomach tumor found on ultrasound examination for chronic severe vomiting. A needle cytology was performed and lymphoma (malignant cancer) was confirmed as the diagnosis unfortunately.

Same patient’s ultrasound examination but with a different ultrasound probe.